About Us

Diamond fried chicken

photo courtesy of Charlotte Magazine by Chris Edwards

The Diamond is comfort food, plain and simple. Food that wraps its lovin’ arms around your belly, gives you a hug and sometimes, a flash of memory. Maybe that’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes like mom did (or didn’t) make, maybe that’s fried fish on Fridays, maybe a perfectly cooked Big Block or a Winky Dinky Dog and a PBR, maybe that’s fried okra, mac ‘n cheese and green beans or a hot breakfast on a cold day. It is surely sweet tea and fried pickles.

From the city’s top chefs, politicians and local celebs to the skate kids, musicians and the folks down the street , eventually, everyone drops in for a bite of comfort and conversation. The Diamond is where everyone belongs. Come on in and  drop some money in the jukebox and sit back and relax. Meet your grandkids for lunch, your friends for a drink, or catch up with your family over dinner after a long day’s work. It’s the Diamond, so you’re already home.

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